Flower Delivery in Beverly Hills, CA

Treefrogs Flowers, a Floral and Event business, was created to provide the most creative designs and incredible events for those who want only the best. A staff of well-trained professionalsare there to assist with their own special talents. Treefrogs is headed by Fred Gibbons, a well-respected floristand party coordinator. Fred and Treefrogs have aworld-wide reputation for expertise and perfection. Treefrogs designs and delivers incredible floral artistry throughout Beverly Hills, California, and the surrounding areas.

Floral Arrangements | Plant Delivery | West Los Angeles Flower Delivery, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

Treefrogs is a flower shop and delivery service specializing in exotic plants like Phalaenopsis,  Succulent plantings, Cymbidiums and Bromeliads. These are kept in the greenhouse until needed. These are especially nice for offices and holidays and gifts for all occasions. They are custom-designed to enhance the area intended. They have the lasting quality for long term enjoyment.

Special Event Planning | Party Entertainment Design

Treefrogs, under Fred Gibbons’ supervision and imagination, produces the most fantastic weddings, receptions, birthday parties, movie premiers, anniversary celebrations or any themed event. Flowers. Flowers are imported from all over the world to make these events the most special. Treefrogs Flowers brings together floral decorations with lighting, music, sound, entertainment, etc. to make a private or corporate event memorable.

Fresh Flower Delivery Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West LA, Santa Monica, Century City

Treefrogs Design Studio, near the Los Angeles Flower Market, makes it possible to get the freshest flowers available. These flowers are grown in California as well as imported from such countries as Ecuador,Thailand, Holland, New Zealand or wherever necessary, and our flower delivery team in Beverly Hills, CA, delivers them directly to you.

Special Designs | International Floral Design

Fred Gibbons, understanding the world market and having an extensive travel history, along with the Treefrogs Flowers staff has been able to create fantastic events in such places as Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, London, Vienna, Cannes and many more.

Floral Design for Celebrities and Corporate Events

Treefrogs and Fred Gibbons have always had a celebrity list of clients. These clients demand prompt delivery, creative floral design, and the freshest flowers. Service is of the utmost importance. Of course Treefrogs gives this same white-glove service to everyone that is a client.

Hollywood Fresh Flowers and Event Planning

Flower Delivery to 90210 90212 90209 90049 90048 90077 90068 90069 90067 90004 – just some of the zip codes that are most popular.

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